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Champagne is not your only option for toasting this New Year’s Eve.
Celebrate with a mixed wine drink that is special and enjoyable to you and your friends and family.
Start the year off right by supporting local and drinking Tennessee Wine.
Drink Local Maynardville Tennessee

Let’s CHEERS in 2017 with one (or more) of these three delicious and easy drink recipes.

James's PeachJames’s Peach Almosas

You don’t need sparkling wine to make a Mimosa.  Try our James’s Peach Almost Mimosa or Almosa.
It is the perfect way to start or end your celebration and fulfill the 4 fruit servings  a day New Year’s resolution.

2 Parts James’s Peach Wine
3 Parts Orange Juice

For an amazing dry option, try our Riesling wine instead of James’s Peach.



Southern Belle Southern Spritzer

If you are searching for a sparkling option at midnight, try a Southern Spritzer.
The effervescence of the Sprite brings out the fresh, grape taste of the Southern Belle.

1 part Southern Belle Wine
1 part Sprite

For a delicious dry option, try the Farmhouse White with Sprite or Club Soda.




Mulled WineMulled Wine

This warm, spiced wine is the most amazing drink for these colder winter months.

1 Bottle Royal Blue Wine
1 Quart Welch’s Grape Juice
2 Oz Raven’s Nest Mulling Spice (or to taste)

Mix ingredients in a crock pot and turn heat to keep warm setting.