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Seven Acre Estate Vineyard. Six Varieties

In 2013, owner Nikki Riddle planted 6 acres of grapes with the help of friends and family, keeping in mind wines that she would eventually offer her customers. These varieties were chosen specifically for the amazing wines they would produce but also their resistance to disease and fungus. Grape varieties grown in East Tennessee also need to be cold hardy due to the unanticipated snaps of cold weather that can hit anywhere through the end of April. An additional acre was planted in 2016 bringing the total to 7 acres and 6 varieties of grapes.



Producing large clusters of red grapes, Concord, one of our highest yielding varieties, is also used to make our best-selling wine, Southern Belle. Grown on a high wire trellis system, it is a hearty American grape, or Vitis labrusca, that thrives due to its disease and fungus resistance. The wine produced has an aroma and flavor that may remind you of your favorite childhood juice, but also produces a satisfyingly sweet wine. Excellent for producing juice, eating, or making wine, you can find 2 acres of this popular variety planted at the bottom of the vineyard.


With their high levels of natural acidity, Catawba grapes are best suited for adding bright and crips notes to a wine. Grown on a high wire trellis system, these blush-colored grapes are a hearty American variety, or Vitis labrusca, that due well in East Tennessee due to their disease and fungus resistance. Wines made with Catawba grapes have a ruby red grapefruit flavor and floral aroma. You can taste and enjoy this rich variety in our Vineyard Blush, James’s Peach and Pink Bubbly wines.


Traminette grapes produce a lovely floral white wine that makes them our winemaker’s favorite variety. Resulting from a cross between Gewurztra- miner and an American variety, Traminette grows well in East Tennessee but still retains the aromas and flavors that can result in either a deliciously dry or semi dry wine. A vertical shoot positioning trellis system with 10-foot- tall poles provide adequate room for vine growth which supports the prop- er ripening of the fruit that you can taste in our Farmhouse White wine.


The soil and slopes that comprise the hillsides of Seven Springs Farm create the perfect growing conditions for Chambourcin grapes. It is planted using the vertical shoot positioning trellis system with 10-foot poles that allow for ample foliage growth to support proper ripening of the fruit. This French American hybrid variety has the perfect amount of tannins and body to produce a dry, medium bodied red wine which you can experience in our Rooster Red wine.

Nobel and Magnolia Muscadines

Nobel (red) and Magnolia (white) muscadine vines are planted on top of the hill, high above The Winery at Seven Springs Farm to protect them from any late spring freezes. Muscadine grapes are known for their unique flavor and aroma, and we invite you to experience a true southern tradition in The Winery’s version of this well-loved sweet wine and delicious jellies. Our muscadine grapes are available for purchase at the peak of ripeness in the Farm Store as well as at local farmer’s markets in late fall.

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