Nikki Riddle, Age 4
San Vito, Italy
Future Winemaker

About The Winemaker

A New Generation of Winemaker

Nikki Riddle, Owner/Winemaker
I want to make wine that is approachable for everyone; that people enjoy drinking and want to share with their friends and family. I am incredibly proud of the wines that we have produced. Whether they enjoy dry, sweet or semi-dry wines or are completely new to wine, our guests will find a wine here that they enjoy.

An Engineer by Trade.
A Winemaker by Passion.

Nikki Riddle has winemaking in her blood. Her first memories are of San Vito, Italy where her father was stationed with the US Air Force. She grew up around vineyards and the family learned to make new wine from neighbors and friends. Born into a family of engineers and medical professionals, Nikki earned her degree in Biomedical Engineering and began her career as a Field Clinical Engineer. Corporate downsizing provided an opportunity for her to spend the summer helping her aunt and uncle at their Grainger County, Tennessee vineyard, as well as at Seven Springs Farm, recently established by her parents in their retirement. She worked in the vineyard and on the farm while earning awards competing as an amateur winemaker.

A Taste for the
Art and Science

This summer experience cultivated Nikki’s interest in grapes and wine and led her to begin a career as an Assistant Winemaker at Beachaven Vineyards and Winery in Clarksville, TN. There she worked alongside Master Winemaker Michael Coombs and owner Ed Cooke, learning the art of handcrafting distinctive wines made with Tennessee grown fruit and other regionally sourced products.

Recognizing winemaking as an art as well as a science enrolled in the distinguished Enology program at Missouri State University, which has a partnership in The Viticulture Enology Science and Technology Alliance with universities, vineyards and wineries across America.

B.E. Biomedical Engineering,
Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN
A.S. Enology, Missouri State University,
West Plains, MO

Fields of Dreams

While working and earning her degree, Nikki began planning The Winery at Seven Springs Farm. The work began in 2012 on the family farm as wood harvested from the land was used to build a 3,200 square foot timber-frame structure that would house The Winery. The six-acre estate vineyard was planted in 2013 and yielded grapes for the first estate wines in 2015. Nikki and Michael worked hard to plan, design, and build a state-of-the-art wine- making facility that produced The Winery at Seven Springs Farm’s first vintage in 2014.

Our Winemaker’s Fav?

A true farm to table foodie, Nikki loves cooking, and learning all she can about wine pairings and different wine regions. Nikki’s favorite wine is Farmhouse White, a fruit-forward dry white.

Visit our tasting room soon and taste for yourself!